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Boas and Pythons

M.FM Current Pricing
  Snow Boa (Boa c. imperator) - A stunning snake! M-$9,000   FM-$7,500
  Albino Boa Plus (Boa c. imperator) - Het. for Snow More Info! $2,500 each
  Albino Boa Plus/Minus (Boa c. imperator) - Albino Boa
66 2/3% Possible Het. for Snow
More Info!

$1,200 each
2000 - $3,650 each
  Albino Boa (Boa c. imperator) $850 each
  Anerythristic Boa Plus (Boa c. imperator) - Het. for Snow More Info! $2,500 each
  Anerythristic Boa Plus/Minus (Boa c. imperator) - Anery.
Boa 66 2/3% Possible Het. for Snow
More Info!
M-$450  FM-$650
  Double Het. Boa (Boa c. imperator) - Het. for Snow More Info! $1,600/Pair
  Possible Double Het. Boa (Boa c. imperator) - More Info! $250 each
  Womas (Aspidites ramsayi) - Truly Awesome Pythons
2001 - $950 each
2000 - $1,450 each
  Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis)  Incredible!!!   Hatchling: $425
  Brazilian Rainbow Boas (Epicrates c. cenchria) 2001 Hatchling: $150
  Argentine Rainbow Boas (Epicrates c. alverezi)  - Awesome, docile snake.  Adults reach about 4' in length.

Hatchling: $175
  RedTail Boas Hatchling: $125

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Kingsnakes and Milksnakes

M.FM Current Pricing
  Albino Ruthveni (Lampropeltis m. ruthveni)- One of the most outstanding Albino Tri-Colors available.We produce a nice quantity of these. At this price and quality, with all of the crossing possibilities, they are bound to be a good investment. Yearling: $350
Hets: $150/pair
  Het. Albino Ruthveni (Lampropeltis m. ruthveni)- Het. for albino, these animals bred with an albino mate will produce on average 50% Het. and 50% Albino Ruthveni.
Proven Adults: $250 ea.
  Pyro. Knoblochi (Lampropeltis p. knoblochi)- Tarahumera/Chihuaha Mountain, in my opinion, is the finest of the pyros. It's a beautiful snake, has a great temperament and is easy to care for and breed.  We produce a fairly large number of this very popular snake, so be sure to get exactly what you're looking for in a knob.
      Type 1 - This would be considered the "Classic" knoblochi.  High band counts with the normal knob sides. The price will vary based on the quality."Note: Our low end animals are not low quality animals." Hatchlings: $100-125

2000 - $200/Pair
      Type 2 - Pronounced black and white sides with very little to no red. This is sometimes called a shotgun pattern. Red saddles all the way down the snake. Very attractive trait. Hatchlings: $125
2000: $300/Pair
        Type 3 - Very reduced black, thick red saddles, usually red head, gorgeous. Hatchlings: $200 each
   Albino Blairs x Ruthveni (Lampropeltis m. alterna x Lampropeltis m. ruthveni)- Absolutely beautiful Albino snake, 62.5% Grayband. They have wide orange Blair's bands with white/yellow/white in between. "This is a Must See Photo." Sold


Hatchlings: $450-600


  Het. Albino Blairs x Ruthveni - 50% Grayband Hatchlings: $250/Pair
  Albino San Diego Gophersnake (Pituophis c. annectans)- Applegate strain. Check this snake out... it's a beauty! Out 2000: $100
  Albino Jungle Corns (Elaphe g. guttata x Lampropeltis getulus cal.)- A cross between a Corn Snake and a California King Snake.  You get the beautiful qualities of the Cal Kings and Albino Cal Kings with the temperment of Corns.  Highly Variable.

Hatchlings: $50
  Thayeri (Lampropeltis m. thayeri)- The variable kingsnake. Leonis phase, milk snake phase, Black, etc.  2000 should be our break through year for mind-blowing, high quality peach and orange thayeri produced by our outstanding Orange Thayeri Male. (Milksnake phase Thayeri picture). Hatchlings
Sold Out Black: $75
Leonis: $75-250
Milksnake: $75-250
  Albino Bull Snake (Pituophis c. sayi)- These beautiful snakes are great feeders, grow quickly and are easy to breed.  Out Hatchlings: $75
  Andesiana Milk (Lampropeltis t. andesiana)- AKA the giant milksnake. These docile animals grow to 6' plus.  They are truly a joy to work with and produce.  Sibling of our Striped Female. Sold Out
1999: $100
  MexMex (Lampropeltis m. mexicana)- Another Beautiful Kingsnake Sold
  Het. MexMex x (Albino Blairs x Ruthveni) - This is a cross between a MexMex and our Beauty Albino Blairs x Ruthveni.  Het to Het breeding will produce, on average, one in four albinos... and this will be an Exceptional albino snake.  




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Cornsnakes and Ratsnakes

M.FM Current Pricing
  White Sided Black Ratsnakes  (Elaphe o. obsoleta)- Also known as Licorice or Licorice Stick.  This is one of the most awesome snakes we produce and apt to the cornerstone of any collection.
A Must see Photo!
2001 Hatchlings: $200

1999 Sub-Adults: $500

  Het. White Sided Black Ratsnakes (Elaphe o. obsoleta)- These look like normal Black Ratsnakes, but carry the White Sided gene.  A Het to Het breeding will produce, on average, 25% White Sided and the rest will be 66 2/3% possible hets.  A Het to White Sided will produce 50% White Sided and 50% Het. White Sided.

'01 Hatchlings: $150/pr
2000 Yearlings: $250/pr
1999's: $350/pr

   Double Het. White Sided/Albino Black Ratsnakes (Elaphe o. obsoleta)- Double Het for Albino and White Sided.  These Double Hets bred back to each other will produce, on average, 25% White Sided, 25% Albino and 1 out of 16 will be an Albino White Sided!  What will that look like?


1999 Sub-Adults: $300
2000 Yearlings: $250

  Leucistic Black Ratsnakes (Elaphe o. obsoleta)- Beautiful, Solid White snake with Blue Eyes - Great Temperament


Hatchlings: $200 each

  Het. Leucistic Black Ratsnakes (Elaphe o. obsoleta)- Guaranteed Het. for Leucistic.


1999 - $350/Pair
2000 - $250/Pair
Hatchlings: $150/Pair

  Black Rat Snake - Normals - These guys eat everything.
Captive Bred, Healthy and ready to go.


1999 - $55 each
2000 - $45 each

  Amelanistic Striped Motley Corns (Elaphe g. guttata)-


Hatchlings: $75

  Okeetee Corns (Elaphe g. guttata)- "See Picture"   Hatchlings: $20
  Amelanistic Corns (Elaphe g. guttata)- "See Picture"   Hatchlings: $25
  Snow Corns (Elaphe g. guttata)- "See Picture" Sold Out Hatchlings: $30
  Anerythristic Corn (Elaphe g. guttata)   Hatchlings:$25
  Ghost Corns (Elaphe g. guttata) Sold Out Hatchlings: $45
  Pastel Motley Corns (Elaphe g. guttata)- "See Picture" Sold Out Hatchlings: $75
  Creamsicle Corns (Elaphe g. guttata x Elaphe g. emoryi)- "See Picture" Out Hatchlings: $50

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Terms and General Information

ALL ANIMALS are guaranteed to arrive live, healthy, and correctly sexed. All animals will have fed at least three times unless communicated otherwise. If you are not completely satisfied with your animals, contact us within 48 hours of scheduled arrival for full refund or replacement.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

ANIMALS are sold on A) first-come, first-serve basis, or B) a 25% deposit will reserve hatchlings prior to hatching. This will hold your animals in front of all future orders. If we do not produce your animal, deposits will be promptly returned.

PAYMENT: All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. We prefer Money Orders or Cashier's Check. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Personal checks, made payable to Exceptional Quality Snakes, will be held until they clear.

LAYAWAY PLAN: We also offer a layaway plan on all animals, we need 25% down and 25% a month for 3 months. For hatchlings to adults, we also charge $1 per week feeding and maintenance. You will have a 10 day grace period each month, if a layaway payment is not received, we will attempt to notify you. If you cannot be reached, then we will assume that you are no longer interested in your order and it will be cancelled. If you choose to cancel a layaway order, all previous payments are forfeited.

RETURNED CHECKS: All returned checks will be charged a $25 processing fee. This fee will be waived if we receive bank notification of a bank error.

SHIPMENTS will either be freight collect or freight will be added to the sales price.

EXPORTS: Exceptional Quality Snakes ships all over the world!  The typical costs, with permits and freight, are between $200 and $400 per order.  Boas and Pythons are at the higher end of that scale as they require a CITES permit, which takes at least 60 days.  Some countries require a health certificate, which takes more time and adds to the expenses.  We will take every precaution to make sure all paperwork and permits are in order, but it is the SOLE responsibility of the buyer to make sure they have the permits required within their own country to obtain the snakes from customs.  Minimum order for export is $1,500.

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